I read, I cook, I drink, I travel and, from reviews of contemporary art to mysteries set in beautiful locales to audio wine tours, I write about what I love and what I know.


I am a freelance writer, producing works of fiction as well as non-fiction as well as audio driving tours. I have a B.A. in English and Art History from Florida State University, an M.A. in Art History and Religion and a Ph.D. in Art History, Women’s Studies and Literary Criticism. I received both my Masters and my Doctoral degrees from the Institute of the Liberal Arts at Emory University.


I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and am a Southerner at heart which means that wherever I go I say “y’all” and “honey.”  I have lived in the Netherlands, France, Oregon and California and I love many, many aspects about each of these places but, wherever I live, my experience is tinged with memories of the seasons of the South—hot muggy summers with afternoon thunderstorms that forced my friends and me to leave the swimming pool at the first flash of lightning, sudden ice storms in winter and early spring, crisp falls full of sunlight where the leaves turn orange and crimson and warm frothy Aprils where dogwoods, daffodils and azaleas paint the yards and streets the colors of an Easter egg basket—cool white, hot pink, brilliant reds and yellows.


As a writer I’m most interested in what connects each of us to the other.  I find connections through art, food, wine, travel, literature and relationships.  Whether I’m sitting around a table discussing politics, art, philosophy or religion, preparing a meal for my family or sharing a bottle of wine with friends it’s the ability to communicate, to laugh and cry, to share experiences and points of view, to question assumptions and reveal uncertainties that give vitality to being human.  When I write I want to celebrate the beauty of the creative human spirit, explore new ways of looking at familiar objects and persons, and revel in the surprising twists so often discovered whenever we reveal ourselves to another person.


In my first novel, A Feast of Small Surprises, set in Rome and Florence, Italy, I combined my love of travel with my love of art to create a mystery full of unexpected twists. With my audio wine tour I take you with me to some of my favorite family-owned wineries in Napa and Sonoma, which includes $40 worth of tasting coupons and, in my upcoming book,  The Art of Being Your Own Guide: How to Relate to the Contemporary World of Art, I share with you an approach to understanding today’s seemingly incomprehensible works of art.

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